3 Elements About the Entrepreneurial Mindset You Need to Knock Out Burnout as a Newbie

Developing an entrepreneurial mindset can be a tough road. It can feel as if some days everything is working against you if only you could avoid burnout as a newbie.

You can call it “Murphy’s law” where anything that can go wrong will, the computer on the fritz, orders are wrong, customers are upset and all you want to do is walk away to escape the gray ocean waves of chaos as you ask yourself  “what was I thinking…. why did I start a business anyway”?

Don’t feel beaten, think of it as “growing pains” of a business and stay focus on your why.

This was my reason “why”, and I am sure you too could relate to this experience in some way:
You’re in the office sipping on your morning’s well deserved Caramel Macchiato… floating in its scrumdiddlyumptious relaxing aroma while scrolling through your emails when one catches your attention with a subject line of “Mandatory Company Wide Meeting”.

Moving from Employee to Business Mindset

The rumors have been going around for weeks…

You kind of already know what to expect.  You’re weary of the excuses your employer has given about the company’s struggles:

  • There won’t be a yearly bonus.
  • This year the raises are currently frozen.
  • They’ve implemented a hiring freeze.
  • There will be some layoffs.

Now you’re being told to do more with less meanwhile, the cost of living is increasing, yet all they keep telling you on the news, our economy is strong… what is this alternative facts 2.0?

Because You Realize, the Business Mindset Provides More Freedom!

a man standing in water looking at a small arched rainbow in between him and a waterfall inspired by more freedom

Business owners have financial freedom and financial stability that creates opportunities for continued growth.  This is the lifestyle you imagine for yourself with endless benefits.
You searched the internet and did your research, brainstorming, gathering ideas you would like to do.  You’re really feeling passionate about dropshipping as an online business.  You are blown away with the flexibility it offers.

Dropshipping can allow you to work from home to be with your family or provide you the ability to work from anywhere you have a wifi connection to the internet.

You don’t have to worry about inventory storage, shipping boxes all over the place, no packing… it doesn’t get any better than this.

You look into getting a business banking account, an EIN number, wondering if you should form as an LLC, Corporation, or Sole Proprietor… you are super excited about this new journey taking place in your life.

Welcome to your “WHY” you became an Entrepreneur.

But There Are Hidden Complexities to Being a Business Owner

Fellow business owner, you’ve launched your business but had no idea of the kick-butt, knockout punches, and struggles awaiting ahead of you. Nope… very few people talk about the ugly, and instead, they make start-ups appear as if you’ve landed in nirvana.

Attempting to map your way through everyday responsibilities of workflows.  Fighting to do your business bookkeeping…. product sourcing, and taking on the learning curves of eCommerce.

With longer hours and almost no days off this seems to be a bewildering game of  “Tug of War” in time management.

These are the hidden complexities of becoming a Mogul, but the rewards are worth it when you have the entrepreneurial mindset!

Here is a quote from a well known serial entrepreneur I found to be useful and keep posted over my computer monitor for those challenging days.
I know you will find it helpful too… go ahead (I’ll wait for you here) grab a pen and copy it down on a post-it-note, look at it when you need a little motivation.

As an entrepreneur, you never stop learning. ~ Daymond John

How Are Entrepreneurs Different From The General Workforce?

a multi-cultured female entrepreneur standing up in front of a black accent wall with colorful post-it-notes leading a meeting with staff members seated

It’s all in your thinking process when you’re a business owner.

The frame of mind you must hold as an entrepreneur is to adopt the eagerness to learn, and the wisdom to delegate tasks you’re not good with.

Don’t feel ashamed or think you are being lazy because you want to outsource certain tasks.  The facts are… by you spending your time taking on projects, you could have assigned to someone else, will cut into your profits.  It’s better and more cost effective to delegate it.

Another train of thought is to know the moment to show humility when communicating with your customers or clients, and have a superhero ability to be a problem solver.

As a business person building relationships is a fundamental balancing act… a huge difference than being an employee… if you don’t like your job, you can walk away and look for another one.

At the very core of achieving great success as a business owner is your mindset. But what exactly must you do to train your mind for great accomplishments and at the same time avoid burnout?

Here are 3 time-tested entrepreneurial mindset principles I use all the time to stay on the path of success:

3 Things You Can Do Develop a Prosperous Entrepreneurial Mindset

1 – Entrepreneurial Mindset of Visualizing

colorful words of prosperous, hope, faith for Entrepreneurial Mindset of Visualizing


Can you still remember how you used to dream about starting your own business?

When you quietly kept your secret Pinterest board with a collection of pictures of home office spaces, color schemes, and the ideas about buying second hand furniture and refinishing your trash to treasure finds.

Fantasizing about how you would paint your “treasured” desk in the color combo of “Fluff and Gravel Road” with an ombre effect using chalk paint.

You were hysterically thrilled visualizing yourself sitting at this desk scheduling virtual meetings, and creating auto-response emails… nearly jumping out of your skin because you were so excited and couldn’t wait to showcase your new business email address.

You went from an employee mindset to taking on a defined thought process of an entrepreneur, kudos!

Oh,  wait there is one thing you may have forgotten during the transformation of a business owner “visualizing” let’s not forget being able to dream is what got you here.

Allow tapping into your inner child and start daydreaming again with intent.

Start thinking of that once in a lifetime dream vacation, begin a collection of 1950’s period hot rods, or maybe your goal is to be on the front cover of Entrepreneurial Magazine.

Whatever your passion is you must see yourself in the center of it.

There are other things you can do to expand on this by taking action and create a scheduling plan in getting there by doing some of the following:

  • Find a quiet room/create a safe space for yourself and put yourself in an adult time-out to exercise seeing your vision board.
  • Do daily meditation so you can focus on seeing your future goals.
  • You can continuously be studying.
  • You can be networking.
  • Use tools/Apps to force your mind to visualize your day.

Here Are the Top 5 Time Management Apps to Boost Your Workday:

an illustration of a cluster of word images referring to time management, scheduling, rushing, delay, busy, late, alarm, stress

RescueTime – What is Rescue Time? Is a powerful time management tool that stops you from getting distracted.

  • You can set-up your time blocks for different projects and websites.
  • Track how long you spend reading or writing your emails.
  • Now you can know if spending time attending every meeting is productive.
  • Get alerts when you’re spending too much time on a task.
  • Highlight your daily goals achieved.

Monday.com – What is Monday.com?  It’s a Project Management App that can accommodate a team of 2 – 200+ users, mind-blowing isn’t it.

  • You get file storage, activity logs by a person, client, project, status, and timelines, and embedded forms.
  • Works with iOS and Android and much, much more…. customize your templates, who says working can’t be exciting in a good way!

Focus Booster – What is Focus Booster?   It’s one of the best online time trackers using the Pomodoro technique.

  • Give this APP a try the next time you are struggling with focusing on meeting a  deadline… and see how breaking up your time in 15, 25, or 90 minutes workable segments can boost your productivity to the next level.
  • Run a productivity report…  and learn how much you are improving in your time management skills.
  • Hitting your projected deadlines are now simple to do with Pomodoro timer.

Evernote – What is Evernote?  A must have APP that can capture your business life as if it was your digital brain from any mobile device.  Getting your documents is now a snap… they can be PDFs, handwritten notes, web clippings, your-to-to-list, pictures and much more.  Searching for everything in one easy place on any device is a business owner’s digital bestie.

ClickUp – This has got to be my favorite Project Management tool and I know it can support you with working smarter, not harder.  By adding this APP to your browser you can do the following in one step:

  • It allows you to collaborate with teams, share reports, create goals.
  • Use their layout checklist templates or create your own.
  • Get more done when you add the APP to your Google Chrome Browser, no more working out of multiple windows.
  • Attach an email to projects.
  • Need to track your time when corresponding with clients, hit the “stop clock” to start and end the record time.
  • Create your own alerts for deadlines and never miss a single step.

Don’t Be a Control Freak Trying to Do Everything Yourself

  • You can embrace the idea of adding on a small team.
  • You can map out standard operating procedures to help with the daily operations so the business can run seamlessly, created touchpoints for team members for everyone to be on the same page.
  • Breathe a deep sigh of relief then let it go… things are under control because you got this winning attitude!

Can you see what you have accomplished, now recognize your worth!

2 – Entrepreneurial Mindset of Emotionalizing

chess game pieces and in a mindset position on chessboard emotionalizing for a win

Tap into your heartfelt wants and feelings of why you started your business to keep you motivated.

  • Keep something close by at all times you can touch as a reminder of your intention… it could be a picture of a loved one, a favorite vacation spot or that dream home with a boat dock and panoramic mountain views faintly off in the distance.
  •  It is ever so important to keep focused and to renew your thoughts, set your goals and reach for:
    1. Your business milestones.
    2. The joy and freedom to take care of your family as you always hoped.
    3. To enrich the lives of your loved ones and to be able to travel the world with purpose.
    4. The driving force and the feeling you get when you are able to see the results of your hard work and sacrifices.

3 – Entrepreneurial Mindset of Learning

here is a reminder of learning the word learn spelled out in scrabble

When you became that hustler, it was understood you’d traded in your days doing the Monday – Friday grind of a 9 to 5.  But the temptation of weekends off, working only 35 – 40 hours is calling, you’re feeling at your whits end.


There are only 2 questions you have to ask yourself…

  1. Will you continue to have the determination for sacrifice?
  2. Can you walk away from those spontaneous events with friends and family?

Remember to Stay Focused on Your “WHY”!

As a business operator constantly learning is part of doing business. There will be hick-ups here and there but the rewards of having your own business far outweighs the other option of working for someone else.
Learn new things in bite sized portions at your own pace…

  • Take a one day class.
  • Sign-up for an online workshop.
  • Get yourself a Mentor who is a mastermind in dropshipping that understands the worries of first-time business operators.
  • Read books related to your business and what skills you would like to learn.
  • Spend an hour daily planting seeds of knowledge, as long as you are doing the work to learn there is no wrong way of growing as an entrepreneur.

Being a Go-Getter Allows You to Be the Architect of Your Life and You Hold the Blueprints

blueprint of a multi-story house


As in our title “3 Elements About the Entrepreneurial Mindset, You Need to Knock Out Burnout as a Newbie”

Element number  1 The quote “As an entrepreneur, you never stop learning. Daymond John. ” Each day of being a business person is a learning experience when you feel something is going wrong, just pause for a moment and reassess the situation, any mistake can be corrected as long as you remain calm, and allow the occurrence to become a learning lesson.

Element number  2 Outsourcing isn’t a nasty work, have you ever met a successful business owner who was burning both sides of the candlestick, I haven’t.  Do you know why? Because those who feel they can do it all by themselves are just chasing their tails going nowhere fast.

  • They’re missing out on opportunities for growth.
  • Building relationships.
  • Not partnering with experts who can take their business to the next level.
  • Overwhelmed, tired and frustrated.
  • What’s worse is they’re wobbling in underperformance.

Element number  3 Did you know emotions can power motivation?

When you’re hitting those targeted benchmarks it gives you a stronger desire and a want to reach higher.  You feel empowered, you walk in authenticity which people notice. You’re going to draw better opportunities for you and your business.

Black circle around golden yellow bonus tips words

Bonus tip The “Mindset” of a newbie entrepreneur is like an underdeveloped muscle.

  • You need to exercise it with tenacity.
  • Don’t be stingy in feeding yourself knowledge continuously to enhance your business.
  • Shed the wardrobe of a wage-earner and dress yourself as an owner of a business… accessorize yourself in a committed mind, discipline, compassion, and fairness.
  • Sometimes you need a great mentor who believes in your purpose, such as Trent to help you develop what is an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Finally, keep it legal and don’t become morally bankrupt.

It is our wish, you were able to come away with good information from this post as a newbie business owner, and if you still have questions about something, no problem you can schedule a friendly chat by clicking on “chat with Trent“.