4 Best and Worst Months to Sell a House

There is a lot that goes in to selling a house and preparing to put it on the market. Don’t make the mistake of listing your house at the wrong time, instead learn the four best and worst months to sell a house in Utah.

Best Months To Sell a House in Utah


In April the start of the house selling season begins in earnest. With two or so months until the end of the school year families are ready to get the ball rolling on finding a new property in time for a move to coincide with school being finished. The spring flowers are in bloom and trees are in blossom, giving your home an extra boost of curb appeal and beauty. If your area tends to get a lot of rain in the month of April, this might not yet be the peak time for you — buyers aren’t as motivated to head out in bad or muddy weather. This is a great month to take any tax refunds and do last minute finishing touches on your home to prepare it for a spring sale.


Historically May is THE busiest time for home sales nationwide. You can expect to sell your house faster in the month of May than any other month of the year if trends continue. By May your homes curb appeal will be in full force with green leafy trees and beautiful days that invite potential buyers to go out and do some house hunting. School is wrapping up in May so families who are shopping for a home are ready to make the purchase knowing that summer break is coming soon.


June is a great month for listing a home. The weather is warm and kids are officially out of school for the summer so families shopping for the perfect home are ready to make decisions about where to move and how it will impact where their kids go to school in the fall. The days are long enough in the month of June that families can head out in the evenings after work and still have plenty of daylight for seeing homes so June is a great month for selling a house.


By July Summer is in full swing and if you’re in the southern part of Utah it’s getting HOT. Extreme temperatures discourage buyers from house hunting in earnest, but that’s not likely to sway the determined buyer. The weather is predictable (and not too hot in central and northern Utah) and the long summer days allow plenty of time for showing houses. With school starting in August families looking to buy a home are anxious to find the perfect house sooner rather than later which is good for you as a seller. The only downside to July is that it’s a popular month for vacations which will take some of the house buyers away and if you have kids, it’s harder to keep a tidy house for showing with the kids home all day long.

The Worst Months To Sell a House in Utah


October heralds the start of the holiday seasons and families tend to get busier than ever, putting house buying at the bottom of their to-do list for a season. While your front yard can look spectacular and colorful in the month of October, it can also look like a lot of work (all those leaves on the ground!) and scare off home buyers who see a high maintenance yard.


The weather is unpredictable in November and the days are getting short and dark. Buyers aren’t venturing out to do house shopping in November unless they absolutely have to move right away due to a job change. With the Christmas shopping season in full swing this month, potential homebuyers are going to be spending more time shopping for gifts than shopping for a home.


December is the slowest month for house sales. Your house may look amazing, cozy and beautifully decorated in December, but you’re probably not going to want to make time to show your home during this season of family gatherings and holiday celebrations.


While January with snow, cold weather and dark nights, isn’t an ideal time to sell a house, it IS a good time to prep your house to sell. Any last painting jobs or repairs should happen now to prepare for the best months to sell your house. Curb appeal is bleak in January with bare trees and muddy or snow-filled yards so any winter month is going to make the list of worst months to sell a house.

What if You Can’t Wait for the Best Month to Sell Your Home?

Unfortunately we can’t always be picky about when to list our house and waiting for the optimal time in the spring just isn’t possible. If you are a homeowner and need to sell your home quickly, without waiting for the best month to sell a house, then you might want to consider working with a house buying company like Gary Buys Houses.

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