5 reasons why it is possible to get ripped at home and how to get started

Do you live far away from a gym? Are you sick of spending tons of money on a gym membership? Or would you like more at-home options to build your muscles?  This article is to tell you that, yes, it is possible to get ripped at home. Read on to know how to get started.

Gym or Home?

The gym can have its pros (for example it has lots of equipment you may not have, an easier time helping you be motivated and active, etc.) however, there are many pros to working out at home. Maybe your gym shut down with covid, or maybe you just don’t feel like or are too busy to go, whatever the reason may be, it does not have to affect your six-pack.

Getting ripped at home is just as good (And some would even say better,) as getting ripped at a gym. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Diet

At least 80% of getting ripped starts in the kitchen. When people say that a person is “ripped” they mean that that person has a low amount of body fat, low enough that you can see the outline of their defined muscle, and that they have a big amount of muscle mass so that they don’t look skinny. The MOST important thing to do when getting ripped is to lose body fat.

And you start doing that in the kitchen. Whether it’s intermediate fasting, keto, or just lowering your caloric intake, doing whatever works best for your body to lose fat will be the biggest contributor to getting ripped. And that all is done at home.

Limiting sugar and simple carbs, and adding in more protein is a great way to start losing fat.

2. Cheaper

Working out at home is often the cheaper route to go. You won’t have a monthly membership, and depending on the type of equipment you buy, the getting ripped process can be very cost effective. You can build an amazing and really effective home gym on a budget.

3. Convenient

Working out at home is very convenient. You don’t have to drive to the gym, get a babysitter if you have kids, or schedule out time in your day to be at the gym. You can roll out of bed and exercise, or work out during little breaks you have during the day. It can fit your schedule and needs. You can wear whatever you want, and do things your way. Working out at home gives you a lot more freedom, and choice.

4. No crowds

There won’t be a crowd of people using all the exercise equipment in your home. Less noise, less germs, and less social anxiety that might come exercising in front of others. You can choose your own music and have your own space.

5. More Variety

There is often more variety with getting ripped at home vs the gym. You can try workout apps, watch workout videos, and do multiple types of exercise. Many workouts use just your body, or you can try different pieces of equipment.

Home Gym

Working out at home is a great start to getting ripped, and creating your own gym at home takes your workout to the next level. Home gyms are becoming more popular recently, saving people a lot of money, and time, and adding convenience to their life.

You don’t need a lot of money to make an effective home gym. Your home gym can have many types of equipment, or just a few. (Below is a list of the top types of equipment you need to create the best home gym.) Recently hiring virtual personal trainers has been popular, and that is a great resource to help you know what to do. You can look up videos, articles, or apps that help you finalize a workout routine, or you can either perfect one you already know, or switch things up every day.

A small investment in a home gym will have great long term results.

How to get started

Choosing the type of home gym you want is a lot about personal preference, the space you have for your home gym, and the type of workouts you use. Some pieces of exercise equipment are an all-in-one type that can help you do multiple different exercise and workout a lot of your different muscle groups. Some equipment helps with targeting specific muscle groups, and they are important to.

Do you want many big machines, or just a couple?

It is possible to get ripped while without any equipment, but equipment definitely helps speed up the process.


What equipment should you get? One of the best things you can do to get ripped is to weightlift. It’s recommended to get at least one barbell, and some free weights.

Choosing the right equipment is important. You don’t want to waste money on equipment you won’t end up using, so it is vital to start with the basic gym equipment that you’ll know you will use. As you spend more time in your home gym, you will get more of a feel if there are more pieces of equipment you want to buy.

If you are just starting out on making a home gym, start with some dumbells, a barbell or two, a jumprope, resistance bands, a mat, and a pull up bar. As you grow your home gym it may be nice to invest in some kettlebells, a workout bench, an exercise ball, a squat rack, and a treadmill.


Lifting weights is very important, and will help your body burn fat not muscle. Strength training with barbells and weights is one of the first recommended workouts for you to do in your home gym. If you have been a public gym-goer before and have a routine that works for you, by all means follow that. If not, you can look up apps or Youtube videos, and try different workout regimens.

It’s important to work out all your muscle groups, so try to use weights/ stretch/ exercise all of your muscles. Some good non weight exercises for your upper body would be tricep dips, planks, pull ups or chin ups, and crunches. Lower body ideas include squats, lunges, glute bridges, and calf raises. For full body, pushups, jumping jacks, burpees, and deadlifts.

Just remember to workout each muscle group and focus on your diet, and you can get ripped at home in no time.