8 Exciting Daughter’s Birthday Party

A birthday for a 10-year-old girl isn’t just any old birthday party — she’s on the cusp of being a full-fledged tween and may be ready to leave behind the cutesy games and cake from previous birthday parties. If you need some help planning the big event, read on for our top eight 10-year-old birthday party ideas.

Makeover Birthday Party

A makeover party theme is the perfect party idea for a 10-year-old girl who loves all things fancy. Invite other moms with talents in makeup or hairstyling to help you pull off a makeover for each of the guests. Make sure to plan time for a fancy photo shoot with a backdrop of a balloon arch (learn how to make one here), or sparkly streamers so you can capture their fancy new looks. Make sure the treats or food are just as glam as the guests, adding some simple edible glitter to store-bought cupcakes or cutting sandwiches into tiny triangles are a simple way to add sparkle to the treat table.

Slumber Party

If you’re up for a house full of 10-year-old girls for a night of fun, host a slumber birthday party for your 10-year-old daughter. Sleepovers are really easy to plan and don’t require fancy themes or activities. Order pizza and have popcorn and movies for an easy night of fun. If you want to add an activity then consider decorating pillowcases with fabric markers or creating fancy patterned nails for a manicure. Have your daughter create a playlist of all her favorite songs and hang Christmas lights or a party disco light for hours of dancing, giggling, and fun. Click here for a full guide to slumber party birthday parties.


For the birthday girl who loves to party, a birthday party idea that will speak to her sense of fun is a night of minute-t0-win-it games and competition. There are endless lists and ideas for these types of games online so let your daughter pick which games she would love to play with her friends. The best part is that the games all usually require simple and affordable materials so this party won’t break the bank either. If your daughter is combining a group of friends (church, school and neighborhood friends, for example), then this type of party is a great way to help the girls quickly get to know one another and team up for fun.

Spa Birthday Party

This birthday party idea for a 10-year-old girl involves an extra special invitation! Pick out flip flops at the dollar store and deliver them with an invitation to the party asking guests to wear the flip flops to a special spa themed birthday party. Have guests wear robes or their favorite pjs to the party for some special pampering. Activities can include making homemade facial recipes and giving each other manicures and pedicures. Serve fancy drinks and play calming spa music and light candles to set the theme for the party and send guests home with a new bottle of nail polish or a mini lotion for a simple but fun party favor.

Hobby Themed Birthday Party

What is your daughters favorite thing to do? Does she love art? Host a paint-along night with all the supplies and a guest artist to guide them through a painting. If your daughters interest lean more towards ninja warrior activities then set up a backyard obstacle course and award medals for the activities. Your science-loving daughter would love a night of experiments and your musical daughter would love a makeshift stage for karaoke with friends. Take your inspiration for whatever her hobbies are to let her shine on her big day.

Baking Birthday Bash

This is one of our favorite 10 year old party ideas, a baking themed party for the girl who loves to be in the kitchen. If your daughter enjoys cooking shows, then create your own competitive baking show right in your kitchen. Set up all the supplies you need for making fancy cupcakes including a recipe, ingredients and decorating supplies, and let the girls amaze you with their baking talents. Have awards for the different cupcakes based on style, color, taste and creativity and make a big to-do out of judging each entry in the cupcake competition.  The cupcakes double as treats but make sure the girls have a chance to make extra to bring home for an activity that doubles as a party favor!

Backyard Camping Party

If your daughter loves nature then she’ll love this party idea for a 10-year-old girl, her very own backyard campout with all her best friends. Limit the guest list to the number of girls that can sleep comfortably in your tent and set up the yard for camping fun. Invite guests to bring flashlights, sleeping bag, and pillows with a fun themed invitation. Keep the food in theme by grilling hamburgers or by having the girls roast hot dogs over the campfire. If the birthday girl loves birthday cake, consider making cake in orange peels over the fire for a birthday treat the guests won’t soon forget. If she’s willing to skip the cake, a fancy s’mores bar will be a fun way to end the evening around the campfire while the birthday girl opens presents.

Pool Party

If the thought of hosting a party at your home feels like a lot of work, take the party to a pool for a fun 10-year-old birthday party idea. Order inflatable beach balls online and write the birthday party invitation on the ball for a fun surprise. These types of parties can be extra fun in the winter when it’s more of a novelty to go to an indoor rec center pool and slide the slides and float on the lazy river. See if the local pool has a party room you can reserve for treats and presents after the swimming is done. If you’re celebrating in the summer, then bring a cooler of drinks and cold treats. If you need help getting the party started plan some pool games like Marco Polo or diving for prizes.