AB Marketers, LLC

Description of this dropshipper: At AB Marketers, we have been providing our services by producing, advertising and selling high demand niche products. We launched our first home comfort & healthcare website over 5 years ago, in 2002. In addition to being the online innovator in the sales of Medical Relief Products and Home Healthcare Supplies, we have expanded product lines into other industries. We now sell comfort health and fitness equipment, dietary supplements, and sexual well-being items under the www.DeluxeComfort.com brand.

Location:   3333 E. Jefferson Ave, Detroit, MI, 48207, US

Contact info: Email: sales@abmarketers.com, Phone: 800-894-0173, Fax: 313-432-5985

Dropshipping Application page: https://www.abmarketing.com/useradmin/signup/signup.aspx