Actuator Systems LLC

Description of this dropshipper: Actuator Systems manufactures biometric deadbolt locks under the NextBolt brand and our commercial handle lock the ReliTouch series (the best selling line of biometric locks in North America) and the as seen on TV Sound Sentry XL. Unlike many other electronics manufacturers we develop all of our own products from the ground up from concept to design, manufacturing and service. If you have any questions about any Actuator Systems product let us know. Actuator Systems is an industry leader in developing the latest technology and making it available to the public at ground breaking prices. Our engineers (we are located near Orlando, Florida, USA) have a lot of ideas for deploying new and even more exciting products so stay tuned to this site for late breaking information. We manufacture the new 2011 NextBolt line of biometric deadbolt locks and the ReliTouch commercial line of biometric locks with home offices near Orlando, Florida USA. We also have distribution and franchise locations all over the world. Actuator Systems manufactures a number of consumer products sporting the latest technology. Our latest technology is the new 2011 line of fingerprint deadbolt locks called the NextBolt. Our biometric locks are by far the best selling biometric deadbolts in North America. US Based Actuator Systems is revolutionizing the security industry by bringing the latest technology to consumers at game changing low prices. As a manufacturer we can break new ground for both quality and ease of use while maintaining price points that make our technology accessible to anyone. Contact us today and allow us to introduce you to our advanced product lines. Our products are designed to protect your home, your valuables and most importantly your family.

Location: 1120 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL, 32803, US.

Contact info: Phone: 800-408-7101, Fax: 407-567-7130 x110

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