Summer Fun Friendship Activities With Printable Bucket List!

Summer can be months of endless free time which means endless opportunities for boredom OR for creativity. To make this the best summer yet, we’ve put together the perfect bucket list for girls. By the end of the summer your daughter will be proud of each and every check mark and have a summer of amazing memories, new hobbies and talents. Print our summer bucket list for girls and get started creating a summer to remember!

Go on a Hike

Head into nature, count the wildflowers you see, find a good walking stick and climb a mountain! Or maybe your hike will take you along a beach, on a city bike path or to the top of the hills — anyway you hike it make sure to take pictures and invite a friend! We like to use the All Trails app or website to find cool trails in any city.

Go on a Picnic

Half the fun of a picnic is planning the perfect picnic food. Put together an outdoor feast and pack a blanket for a fun picnic with friends or family. Try your picnic at the park or your backyard and don’t forget the sunscreen and water.

Have a Reading Day with your Little Reader

Pick the coziest spot in the house — we like Little Reader chairs for the perfect sized reading spot for little girls — and have an all day reading-a-thon. Make sure to have fun snacks, stacks of books and see how many books you can read in one day!

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