A Free Guide to Your Daughter’s First Communion Dress

When your oldest daughter reaches the age for her First Communion it is a special, sacred time for the family to come together and celebrate her willingness to accept the metaphorical body and blood of Christ. There are many details to attend to when preparing for family to come together to celebrate this special day, and one of the most important details is choosing your daughters first communion dress.


What Should Girls Wear to their First Communion

There are endless options online and in stores for girls communion dresses. Finding a style that your daughter is comfortable in, is age-appropriate and not so showy that it takes away from the sacred Eucharist. The dress should be elegant, modest and in keeping with the sacred, special nature of the day. You’ll need to also think about the shoes, socks or tights, veil and jewelry to go with the outfit.

Fabric and Style For a Girls Communion Dress

A girls communion dress will often be found in shades of white or ivory. The white dress is to symbolize purity and to keep a beautiful and non-distracting look to all the participants.

The fabrics are elegant in satins, taffeta, lace and tulle adorned with simple designs of embroidery, a little sparkle or beads. The design of the dress should be simple, falling below the knee or calf length. Just because the dress should be simple and not too flashy means it needs to be boring. Simple elements around the neckline, waist or hem add beauty to the dress without turning a girls communion dress into a mini bridal dress.

Floor Length Lace First Communion Dress

This dress is a great example of elegance and comfort. The simple lace and bow details add a lovely touch to a comfortable and beautiful dress fit for a 7 or 8 year-old-girl. This dress has classy flutter sleeves and a skirt of three layers of fabric so it won’t see through. Dry clean or wash this dress by hand and hang to dry.

Knee Length Tulle and Lace First Communion Dress

This dress has a knee length tulle skirt topped by a long-sleeved lace bodice. The large bow in the back adds a touch of fun for your daughter who loves to dress up and feel like a princess. The bow is removable if you prefer the simple lines of the dress without it. Unlike many lace and tulle dresses this one is made of a soft lace with a soft cotton lining so you won’t have to worry about itching or being uncomfortable.

Long Chiffon First Communion Dress

This dress would look beautiful paired with a beaded veil because of the classic simple lines. This dress is timeless and elegant with flutter sleeves and a tie-back style waist. This dress is machine washable (gentle cycle) and is a soft white (not a bright, true white).

Accessories for a First Communion Dress

Once you have found the dress you can choose how you want to accessorize your daughter. Some accessories to consider would be a shawl or stole, especially if the communion is happening in the winter. If you’ve found a beautiful dress that you want to add sleeves, then consider accessorizing the first communion dress with a bolero or cardigan.

When you choose shoes make sure to put a lot of consideration into how comfortable the shoe will be since your daughter will be wearing them all day. Extra accessories that can be fun are a tiara, purse, gloves or jewelry.

Choosing a Veil for a Girls Communion Dress

Wearing a veil for a Holy Communion is symbolic of humility to God, reverence and modesty. Though your parish may not require the use of a veil as a mandatory accessory, they are still considered tradition and an appropriate accessory for a girls communion dress. Choose the dress first and consider what style of veil would be appropriate with the dress. Veils come plain or adorned with beads and pearls. Some of them attach to the hair with a comb, others a headband and some with a tiara.

Ordering a First Communion Dress Online

There are many more styles and varieties of dresses if you choose to shop online. The trick to ordering a dress online that you will be happy with is to make sure you take correct measurements. To get the bust measurement take the measuring tape and wrap it around the chest to take a measure of the widest part. For measuring the waist you put the tape above the belly button and wrap it around the body. Don’t pull too tight or too loose to get a correct measurement. When you measure for length you start at the shoulder and let the tape fall to where you want the hemline to be.

Things to Consider When Choosing a First Communion Dress

Some things to remember when choosing a first communion gown is the church guidelines at your local parish. Some churches will have set rules regarding the color, length, veil type and even the color of the shoes. Make sure you check with your local Church authorities or visit their website for more information on the dress code for your daughter’s First Communion. You wouldn’t want your daughter to fall in love with a dress only to find out that the style or color is not allowed.

Keep in mind any family traditions you want to create around this special day. Do you want to choose a dress you might be able to pass on to all your daughters? Do you want to include an accessory or something special that could become a tradition for siblings to come? Think now about the traditions that would be meaningful in your family to commemorate this rite of passage.

Finally, consider setting a budget to begin with. When a celebration is involved it’s easy to spend more money than you realized or would have liked and spending hundreds of dollars on a dress might not be in your budget. Determine how much you want to spend and go shopping with that price point in mind

While the dress is a lovely part of the celebration, the important part is the event itself, not the fancy clothes or the big family party. Click here to learn some ways to prepare your daughter for her communion. Share your faith with your daughter and remind her (and yourself) that what matters most during a First Communion is the commitment she makes when she accepts Christ in her life.