Fedelty Healthcare Pvt Ltd

Description of this dropshipper:  At Fedelty Healthcare Pvt Ltd , They hold a self-interest in your health and wellness. That’s the reason, They provide the low cost generic & branded medicines for pharmacy supplies that you, their valued client, require to lead a healthier life. Everyone at Fedelty Healthcare Pvt ltd – from their well-versed, caring subordinates and doctors to the associates of their board of directors – works in proximity to deliver you with a first-rate drugstore experience.

Fedelty Healthcare Pvt Ltd. is also proud to be one of the India’s Pharmacy Supplier. With an extensive experience in DropShip, They have gained a strong presence all over the country for Medicine Shipping. Pharmacy Drop ship can be very attractive in the e-commerce world because it helps eliminate risk and cost while providing convenience and practicality. Fedelty Healthcare Pvt Ltd. came into existence just to take off those risks from E-commerce pharmacies. The goal of their pharmacy is to connect manufacturers, logistic firms, online medical store and clients.

Location: 2,Bhanushali Building,35,Mint Road,

Opp G.P.O,Fort, Mumbai-400001(INDIA)

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Fedelty Healthcare Pvt Ltd

2,Bhanushali Building,35,Mint Road,

Opp G.P.O,Fort, Mumbai-400001(INDIA)


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India Number : +91-22-22693940 / +91-22-22693941

Dropshipping Application page:  http://www.fedeltyhealthcare.com/index.php?option=com_rsform&view=rsform&Itemid=10