Description of this dropshipper:  Their story began in the early 90’s upon a chance meeting in a tea house near Prague. This city is home to a chain of the coolest Bohemian tea houses.  They met and spent much time getting to know one another at the tea house. From this two great events happened.  Firstly they married and secondly they developed a passion for tasting loose leaf teas and turned their passion into a business.

Their names are Magda & David Petrvalsky and their new home is in the wonderful town of Milton, Ontario, Canada.

Tea is their passion and they want to share this with you.  Their tea business brings you the finest loose and premium tea bags from Europe and around the world. They ship at minimal cost to any location in North America. To their fellow Miltonians who have warmly welcomed us to the community, they proudly offer free delivery.

Location: “220 Main Street East
Milton, ON”

Contact info: Send us an email:

info at euroTcup dot com

Call us at 647.478.5629

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