Furry Animal Kingdom

Description of this dropshipperFurry Animal Kingdom, is the leading designer, maker and worldwide distributor of handmade Furry Animals. We offer the largest varieties and selections of realistic looking animal figurines. Each animal figurine reflects state-of-the-art workmanship. The animal figurines are hand crafted with great detail by our gifted artisans that bring the Furry Animals to life. They are so realistic and life like, you will almost think they are real! Our artisans dedicate their attention to quality and use the finest time-honored craftsmanship that no machine could replicate. We take great pride in offering this unique assortment of fine Furry Animals designed to bring original personality and individual style to any home, garden, and beyond.

Location: 13111 Spring Street, Baldwin Park, CA, 91706, US

Contact info: Email: info@FurryAnimalKingdom.com, Phone: 1-888-533-4828, 1-626-962-4796, Fax: (626) 962-4798, Website: http://www.furryanimalkingdom.com

Dropshipping Application page: http://www.furryanimalkingdom.com/app/stw.register.asp