General Tools


Primary Contact: Email- Phone- 800.6978665

Order Info: To process your orders, you must have an approved General Tools reseller account. When approved, to process orders you will log onto the B2B website (not the consumer site You will log into the B2B website here: You can save a payment method on file along with your billing details. You will process the SKU(s) for your order with the Ship To Address of your customers to complete the dropship order process.

Pricing: wholesale

Account Creation: 1- While is their primary site, to create a wholesale dropship account, you will complete the form on their B2B website: 2- Important: When you complete the form, make sure you list “Inventory Source Member” in the comment field of the form. This will make sure you get setup with the correct business class reseller account.

Policies: There is a $15 minimum order which is easy to meet with a single item order with the products offered, and there is free shipping for any order over $50. You can easily note this minimum policy on your sales channel or simply use your Advanced Product Filter tool in your account to filter out any item priced below $15.