Top 10 Girl Sleepover Craft Ideas & Tween Activities For a Memorable Friends Night

Planning the perfect slumber party? Whether you are a mom looking for inspiration or a teen in need of great ideas for your next sleepover, with this list we’ve got you set! Here are 10 ideas for a fabulous slumber party that all your guests will love.

Little Girls Sleepover Ideas

When hosting a slumber party for little girls, it’s important to be prepared with a lot of fun activities that they can do without a lot of help. Prepping all of your food ahead of time and having a plan will help your party go smoothly. Here are our two favorite ideas for a little girls sleepover.

1- Princess Slumber Party

Hosting a party for a princess is perfect for little girls. Invite your guests to come dressed in their favorite princess fashion. Have a simple backdrop set on the wall (think a pink sheet or butcher paper, or shiny streamers from the party aisle) and take a picture of each little girl princess as they arrive.

To keep the little girls busy with lots of fun plan time for a princess movie sing-along or princess karaoke. Have slumber party crafts like paper or foam crowns that can be decorated with gems and glitter. The food should fit the theme and be fit for a princess with mini sandwiches and fancy fruit kabobs to help the little girls feel extra fancy. Add some pink lemonade and edible glitter dusted cupcakes for dessert and wind down with a princess movie favorite all snuggled up in sleeping bags with fairy lights for night lights!

2- Arts and Crafts Slumber Party

This is the best slumber party for girls who love to craft and create. To add a little something special to the slumber party have your party table set with easels and canvas for all sorts of creating.

The young artists could do slumber party crafts like painting aprons, drawing on pillowcases or decorating t-shirts (bonus: the activity doubles as a great party favor!). Choose simple crafts that fit the ages of your guests and consider having ideas printed out from the internet to provide plenty of inspiration to get them started. If you want to adapt this idea to the tween or teen crowd search for a youtube tutorial for a paint-along video and give each girl the supplies to create a masterpiece like the artist on the screen giving instruction.

Slumber Party Ideas for Tweens

Tweens love a slumber party! They are old enough to do a lot of the planning themselves and they love a great themed party. These are our two favorite slumber party ideas for the tween crowd who are ready for a more mature party with lots of giggling included.

3- Fashion Show Slumber Party

Let the girls shine at your fashion inspired slumber party. Invite your guests to come with their favorite outfit packed for a fashion show, and spend the party getting dolled up for the runway. Having mom and older sisters on hand to do make up and style hair will make your slumber party extra memorable. Lay down a red tablecloth or butcher paper to serve as your runway and introduce each beautiful girl as she shows her favorite outfit with her fun party hair and makeup. As she struts her stuff down the runway have the party host serve as the emcee, sharing facts and compliments about each girl and giving them a chance to shine and be applauded by her friends. Provide a popcorn bar before the show so the girls can create their custom mix of favorite popcorn treats to enjoy during the fashion show.

4- Slime Girl Slumber Party

Slime has been a hit with the tween crowd and it is a great theme for a slimy, squishy, ooey gooey themed slumber party for girls. Find some tried and true recipes for slime online and make sure to practice a few times if this is your first slime-making attempt!

If your girls are already slime pros then seek out a new and exciting slime variety to try — cloud slime, jello slime, slime made with lotion — there are endless options and the tweens will be wowed trying out new slime recipes to stretch, squish and bubble.

For a fun activity film the girls making the slime and have them create their own pretend Youtube video just like all the slime YouTubers they love to follow.

Keep your food in theme, anything stretchy, slimy and gooey goes: dye alfredo sauce a fun color and let them poor the colorful sauce over their noodles. For dessert feast on slimy gelatin or ooey gooey s’mores.

Sleepover Ideas for Teens

Teen girls still love an old fashioned slumber party and they aren’t too old for themes and activities. These are our favorite teen-approved slumber party ideas for girls.

5- Homemade Facials Slumber Party

Teens are old enough to appreciate a good facial and a DIY face mask is always more fun with friends. Follow all the steps of a fancy spa facial at home with the girls. To give the full spa effect have them do each of the facial steps together : Steam, Cleanse, Exfoliate, Mask, Tone and Hydrate. Look up do-it-yourself recipes and ideas for each of the steps so they can create their masks and cleansers together before applying. Make sure to make a little extra so the girls can take home their spa essentials for a fun party favor. Put on a teen-approved Rom-Com when they hit the mask stage and have the supplies for nail and toe painting available to extend the fun all night long.

6- Movie Slumber Party

Planning a slumber party around a movie theme is always a big hit with teen girls. The movie can provide all the inspiration for the activities and the food, making party planning a breeze. Watching a love story like “Letters to Juliet”?  Plan a feast of Italian food and have the girls learn to make their own pasta noodles from scratch. Once you have picked the movie for the night look for inspiration for important scenes or places in the movie that can inspire your themed movie night. Watching the “Blindside”? Serve up a Superbowl inspired buffet. The movie “Leap Year,” can inspire a great Irish feast while a Jane Austen classic might inspire the girls to create their own fancy proper meal with courses.

More Sleepover Ideas for Girls

7- Karaoke Slumber Party

Have the girls give song requests before the party and have a line-up of everyone’s favorite tunes. Set up a buffet of appetizers to keep the food casual and leave plenty of time for singing.

8- Cooking Show Competition Slumber Party

Get inspiration from a favorite cooking show and create your own version at home. Team up the girls for a 3-Ingredient challenge where they have 20 minutes to make an amazing dish that includes those 3 ingredients. Make sure to have judges for tasting and a prize for the winning team.

9- Stuffed Animal Slumber Party

Little ones love their stuffed animals and dolls! Invite the girls and their favorite stuffed animal to a special slumber party. Plan activities like musical chairs or hot potato that can be played with their stuffed toy.

10- Indoor Camping Slumber Party

Lay out the sleeping bags, plug in the twinkle lights and plan an indoor camping slumber party. Cook s’mores inside and share spooky (or not-so-spooky) stories by candlelight.