HGH and Naturally Building Muscle

Human growth hormone has become more talked about in recent years, especially pertaining to ways to naturally increase human growth hormone in the body. The benefits for a high amount of this hormone are many and because your pituitary gland produces less and less HGH as you age, naturally boosting human growth hormone is helpful.

Benefits of High Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone plays major roles in the body related to growth, body composition, cellular repair and metabolism. Not only that but HGH works to boost muscle strength and growth and helps you recover after injury and disease. Human growth hormone can positively impact your exercise performance as well.

Downsides to Low Human Growth Hormone

While your body will work to keep an optimal level of HGH in your system, not having enough can lead to an increase of risk for disease. Low levels of HGH are also related to gaining extra fat and unfortunately, since your body creates less as you age, you’ll notice the lack of extra HGH in signs of aging in your appearance and physical abilities unless you look at ways to naturally boost your human growth hormone levels.

How to Increase Human Growth Hormone

Cut the Fat

Dealing with extra belly fat? Turns out, the amount of belly fat you carry is in relation to your HGH production. Studies have found that people with excess body fat tend to have lower levels of HGH than individuals with a healthy BMI range. While belly fat has long been linked to a long list of diseases, losing belly fat will not only decrease that risk but help boost your HGH to optimal levels.

Thankfully, with proper diet and exercise, decreasing body fat takes work but will bring all the benefits that come from a leaner stomach, most of all a healthier lifestyle and the benefits of increased HGH.

Intermittent Fasting and Human Growth Hormone

Intermittent fasting has risen in popularity with people looking to get shredded and get rid of the last of their belly fat, it’s also a great way to majorly increase the HGH levels in your body. One study found that fasting has a direct impact on raising human growth hormone levels, especially if you fast for 3 days or more. While that sounds like a huge challenge, your body can benefit from a shorter fast as well with intermittent fasting.

There are a few different patterns for intermittent fasting, either by splitting up your day between fasting and eating or splitting your week into fasting and eating. During the fasting portion you would refrain from any eating but still drink water.

The first and most popular method is the 16/18 Method. This involves restricting your daily eating period to 8 hours, such as 12-8p.m., then you fast for the remaining 16 hours of the day.

Second, comes the OMAD, or “One Meal A Day” fast. Like the name says, you’re just eating one quality meal a day, usually within an hour time period and fasting the rest of the 23 hours.

The Eat-Stop-Eat method involves fasting for 24 hours once or twice a week. Generally you would not eat from dinner one day until dinner the next day.

Finally, the 5:2 Method requires that you consume only 500-600 calories on two non-consecutive days of the week but continue to eat normally on the other 5 days. This particular method is not a true fast so you won’t reap all the benefits listed below.

The 16/8 remains most popular for being the most simple and sustainable and easiest to stick with no matter the usual detriments to dieting like vacations and holidays.

With intermittent fasting you naturally can drop body fat (boosting HGH) and it also keeps your insulin levels low for most of the day (spikes in insulin disrupt the production of HGH).

Eat Less Sugar

Going right along with the lose-the-belly-fat tip is cutting back on sugar. Unfortunately an increase in insulin is associated with lower HGH levels and refined carbs and sugar raise insulin levels the most. If you want to see your HGH boost up, cut back on insulin-raising foods and naturally increase your human growth hormone. Cutting back on sugar is a good idea all around, extra sugar in the body turns to fat, leads to an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease and even excess acne.

While the occasional dessert or treat won’t cause your HGH levels to plummet, it’s important to seek for a balanced diet and keep the sugar and insulin boosting foods to a minimum.

Sleep Better

Sleep is your friend if you want to naturally boost your human growth hormone. The majority of your HGH is released while you sleep based on your body’s natural circadian rhythm. The largest releases of HGH take place before midnight tapering off into the early morning hours. If you want the benefits from high levels of HGH then you’ll want to turn in early and catch your z’s because studies have shown that getting an adequate amount of quality sleep is one of the best ways to naturally boost HGH over the long term.

If you have trouble falling to sleep easily, try setting aside the phone or tv in favor of a book or magazine. Don’t drink caffeine late in the day and create a bed time routine that you look forward to that helps prep your body for sleep.

Exercise to Increase Human Growth Hormone

It may be the bottom of the list, but exercise is actually the top way to significantly impact your HGH levels for good. Studies have shown that high-intensity exercise will give you the biggest increase in HGH but any time of exercise has a positive impact on your HGH levels. When it comes to high intensity workouts think HIIT, sprinting and circuit training to really spike the human growth hormone.

If you really want to see an increase in HGH then try more than one of these natural ways to boost human growth hormone. Amping up your exercise routine, ensuring you get a good nights rest and shortening your eating window for intermittent fasting, cutting back on the sugar and fat will all bring other added benefits that come from these healthy lifestyle changes. So not only will you see a boost in muscle strength and growth quicker recovery from injury or disease, you’ll be able to attain weight loss and weight lifting goals, more energy and better skin and more.