Home school Desk ideas

Homeschooling and online school are becoming more and more popular, especially in the crazy time we are going through. It is important to choose the best desk that can meet all your homeschool needs. This article goes over the ins and outs of choosing a desk that you and your children will love, and that can help schooling be much easier.

Choosing the right desk for your child

Many people who homeschool have just used the kitchen table as a schooling area. While that can be easier, having a desk can help with focus. Having a desk means you won’t have to remove the school supplies from the table for dinner. You can keep school supplies in the desk and not have to go hunting for them each day. And, having a desk makes a central place to do school which will help your child be more focused while doing school work.

Choosing the right desk is very important. You want to find one that your child will love and use, one that can stay around for a while, and one that won’t end up in the basement covered in storage or random items. There are a few factors that go into choosing a desk. Here are some things to keep in mind:


Space. How much space do you have for the desk? If the desk is going in a large room with a lot of space to fit the desk you can go with a big desk and have a lot more options. If your space is a bit smaller, you’ll need a smaller sized desk. Having a collapsable desk or one that attaches to the wall and folds down when you are done using it are great options for saving space.

Considering how often the desks will be used is another factor that plays into the size of desk you want. If your child will use the desk a lot, it might be worth investing in a good sturdy desk.

Age of child:

The age of your child (or children) using the desk matters. If your child is younger he or she may not be able to reach a normal-sized desk, and it may be too big. You may want a smaller sized desk in that case. However, if your child is going to use this desk for a few years, they will outgrow a smaller desk. There are handy adjustable desks that you can adjust so your child can always fit them.

Will each child get their own desk, or do you want a bigger desk they can share? Here is a great desk option for two kids with some storage space on the side and in the middle. Here is another option for a shared desk.

If multiple children are sharing, you may want a big table, perhaps with some partitions. Or if you have the space each child can have their own desk.


The location of the desk matters. What room will the desk be in? The child’s bedroom? The living room? Do you have a designated homeschool room? If the desk is in the living room you may opt for a nice-looking desk that matches the decor in the room. If it’s in the child’s bedroom they may want it more personal to them.

What part of the room will the desk go? In the corner? Under a window? Do you have wall space for white boards or pictures?

Storage options:

Do you want your desk to have options for storing books and art supplies. Many desks come with a shelf or drawer to put things in, but some don’t. If you don’t need the extra storage space, a simple table or desk is great. If you are looking for added storage places, you can opt for a desk with lots of shelves or drawers, or hang a pegboard above the desk where you can place art supplies.

This desk and this desk have a lot of storage room.

DIY desks

Buying a desk is nice and less of a hassle, but if you want to try making a desk yourself, here are some great ideas. Making a desk can give you more say on the aesthetics of it, and it can be a fun project. It may be hard to make an adjustable desk though, and there are pros to buying one as well.

The look of the desk is another thing to consider while making your own, or buying a desk. Does it match the other furniture in the room it is going in? Do you want a more traditional classroom-style desk?

Preparing the desk

Once you have your desk, and it is placed in the room you want it in, there are a few things to do to get the most out of the desk.

Making sure the room and desk are clean can help your child focus on their schoolwork. Removing distractions such as a phone or other electronics will also help with focus. Having a window open to let in light, or this desk with a nature view partition gives your child something to look at.

Adding a whiteboard, or chalkboard to the wall can give your child something to write on, and storage bins under the desk provide space for them to put markers, pens, and books.

Make sure you have a comfy chair to sit in, especially if your child will be at the desk for a long time.

Everyone has different ways they learn, so something that may work for one kid may not work for another. If your child is very fidgety or can’t sit still easily, there are some sensory tools you can attach to a desk to help them.

This article and this article have good advice on helping a child stay motivated in school.

Choosing the right desk will help homeschooling go smoother. Choosing one that will fit the size limit you have, fit your budget, have storage options if needed, and one that your child will love is very important to have the best homeschool experience ever.