How to Clean Your Apple Macbook Keyboard

Keeping your Macbook keyboard clean is very important for product longevity and personal health. Debris not cleaned up can end up inside your Macbook and clock your fan duct and even a clean looking surface could be harboring many germs. Luckily, it is a straight forward process to maintain and clean a MacBook keyboard.

There are two phases recommended in order to properly clean your Macbook keyboard.
The dry phase to knock loose dirt and debris underneath and on the surface.
The wet phase to disinfect and clean the surface of your keyboard and chassis.


Clean a MacBook Keyboard With Compressed Air and Dry Cloth

Compressed Air is the recommended way to initially clean your MacBook keyboard.

1. Turn off your Macbook and disconnect the power connector and any plugged in devices.
Additionally, remove any protective coverings so that the Macbook is fully accessible.

2. Open up your Macbook and hold it sideways and almost vertically, with your screen coming towards you and the spacebar at the bottom-most position.


3. Using a can of compressed air, spray the keyboard in a zig-zag pattern from left to right. Make sure you are aiming so that it is getting underneath the keys.

4. Rotate the Macbook 90 degrees so the CTRL and ESC keys are facing up. Repeat step 3 for this orientation.


5. Rotate the Macbook so the CTRL and ESC keys are facing down. Repeat step 3 for this orientation.


6. Using a lint free dry cloth, gently scrub the surface to knock off and wipe away any loose particles left behind.


There are two main options for this phase. Using rubbing alcohol or bleach-free disinfectant cleaner.

Using a lint free cloth and use either rubbing alcohol or bleach-free disinfectant cleaner. Make the cloth damp but not dripping wet. If too much solution is present, ring the cloth out.

Depending on your environment, your Macbook cleaning schedule will vary, but it is recommended to perform cleaning monthly to keep germs to a minimum.
Remember to always ring out the cloth so it doesn’t drip into your Macbook. You only want to wipe the surface with a very lightly damp cloth.
Remember to do this monthly, even if your Macbook looks clean as we all know that germs are not visible to the naked eye.

There you have it! This is a great method onĀ  how to clean your Macbook keyboard. It’s an easy way to keep your Macbook looking clean and germ free.