Hundred Percent Wholesale

Description of this dropshipper: ¬† is an American wholesaler of trendy handbags and fashion accessories. Over the last decade, they have earned their clients’ acclaim as a trusted supplier of the best selling and highest quality handbags, at highly competitive prices. They have also enjoyed a reputation of providing industry-leading customer service, which includes extremely fast shipping and unparalleled levels of after-sale services. They carry over 5000+ styles of trendy wholesale handbags and fashion accessories. Their products are designed based upon extensive market research and expert knowledge of current fashion trends. Despite the wholesale nature of their business, the unique design of each style is brought to life through applying various chic elements, multi-color prints and patterns, as well as our in-house design ideas. They make it a mission to have your customers love each bag you buy from us.

Location:2700 Yates Ave
Commerce, California

Contact info: 2700 Yates Ave
Commerce, California

Toll Free: 1-866-668-7676 (US)

Phone: 1-323-726-1781 (International)

Fax: 1-323-201-5092

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