Internet Fulfillment Services, Inc

Description of this dropshipper: Internet Fulfillment Services, Inc provides a full service Internet drop ship program for wholesale B2C partners. Please contact for details regarding this program and an application to apply for an account.

Internet Fulfillment Services (IFSB2B) represents many manufactures and suppliers in our Internet Drop Ship and Fulfillment program. Some of our manufactures and suppliers  work excluisvley with IFS as their Internet distributor. In many cases, especially when the manufacture would like to focus on distirbuting master cases only, IFS becomes the warehouse and shipper for single item packages direct to consumer. If you are looking for a “state of the art” Internet Drop Ship program for sports and outdoor products, IFSB2B is the place to start!

Location: Atwood, California, United States.

Contact info: Telephone: (714) 289-1141, Fax: (714) 922-6164,

Dropshipping Application page: Please contact us via email for more information: