Jerusalem Gift

Description of this dropshipper:  Jerusalem Gifts ( is a Jewish/Christian family owned company inspired with deep religious feelings and a desire to awaken spiritual rebirth and awareness. Jerusalem Gifts is in the business of importing and distributing Christian and Jewish Religious Art and Crafts from the Holy-Land. They are committed to honesty, fairness and easiest company to do business with.

Every decision they make, every action they take has one overriding purpose, and it is deliver to their clients the highest quality of hand-made products. This is why they call themselves “The Company that Inspire”. They are a company founded on strong beliefs. They manifest their beliefs in the way they do business, from the artists they work with, their employees and distributors, the products they sell and the service They provide. They believe in religious inspiration; they wish to inspire Christians all over the world and of all denominations, by bringing to them Holy Christian Art from the place of birth of Jesus Christ and Christianity, to affirm His life and His Holy sacrifice.

Location: 634 Chestnut Pl.

Secaucus, NJ 07094

Contact info:

Phone: 1-800-825-6470

++ 201-865-6470 (International)

Fax:      1-201-617-1945

MailMail:            634 Chestnut Pl.

Secaucus, NJ 07094

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