Judaica Kingdom

Website: http://JudaicaKingdom.com

Primary Contact: https://www.judaicakingdom.com/help.php?section=contactus&mode=update

Order Info: Orders can be submitted through the web account or via email. (orders submitted through website are processed first.)

Pricing: Drop ship price + $5 per order (Drop Ship fee is waived for sellers who reach $1000 order per month)

Account Creation: New reseller applicants must have their EIN or Reseller ID ready & faxed prior to the account activation!
For Questions Email- accounts@judaicakingdom.com
Account Application:https://www.judaicakingdom.com/register.php

Policies: Privacy- http://www.judaicakingdom.com/privacy-statement.html
Dropship FAQ’s- http://www.judaicakingdom.com/judaica-dropship-faq.html
Shipping & Returns- http://www.judaicakingdom.com/returns.html