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Description of this dropshipperNatural Miracles’ mission is to successfully provide effective, affordable, alternative health products which increase the overall well being of our customers. Our products are manufactured in the USA at a FDA approved facility which is GMP certified. We are committed to rigorous quality standards, to innovative production techniques, continuous product improvement, community involvement, and exemplary business practices. Our products are made with only the finest essential oils from plants which have been selected, studied, and tested for their therapeutic properties. All ingredients are supported with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) as well as laboratory and clinical studies conducted by independent laboratories in order to assure potency, efficacy, consistency and safety. Our products are natural, easy to digest, aspirin free, and caffeine free, and have no known side effects or drug contraindications. Although founded in 2002, Natural Miracles can trace its roots back through centuries of Middle Eastern tradition. Natural remedies based on indigenous plants and herbs have long been a staple of the Mediterranean culture. Natural Miracles was created to bring this ancient and effective art to the modern world. ​ With the introduction of Menstrual Magic in 2002, Natural Miracles was able to perfect and distribute a patented formula of food quality essential oils designed specifically to aid women with the symptoms associated with their monthly cycle including cramps, bloating, nausea, headaches, backaches, and mood swings. ​ Several months later, Inflamagic was developed to aid in maintaining a healthy inflammation response including muscle and joint discomfort. Based on Menstrual Magic’s ability to relieve a woman’s uterine (muscle) contractions, Inflamagic was created to aid in general muscle and joint discomfort. ​ ​In 2005, Natural Miracles improved its Menstrual Magic formula to make it more effective for women who experienced higher levels of menstrual discomfort during their monthly cycle. ​ Although essential oils are a highly effective method of relief, Natural Miracles learned that many customers did not like the herbal burp commonly attributed to such essential oils that must be taken with food. In response to customer’s requests, Natural Miracles released enteric coated versions of their most popular products that can be taken without food. ​ Enteric coated Inflamagic was named Remeeda and enteric coated Menstrual Magic Advanced was named Menstrex. ​ ​In 2012, Natural Miracles again came to the aid of its customer’s with the development of Menopause Magic. Menopause Magic is an all natural supplement designed to help reduce the effects of many of the most debilitating menopause symptoms including hot flashes, night sweats and irritability and other symptoms associated with menopause.

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