Description of this dropshipperOceanTailer is a business to business e-commerce trade platform that efficiently connects wholesalers (sellers) and retailers (buyers) on a single location. Wholesalers gain access to a consistent, active buyer network. Retailers grow their business with support from a vetted community of wholesalers. Services include: premium memberships for suppliers, member authentication, custom product sourcing, e-commerce, trading services, drop ship, logistics and warehousing. OceanTailer levels the playing field for smaller retailers by providing them with the supplier network and logistical support to better compete with larger, more established counterparts. For retailers, OceanTailer’s e-commerce and logistical platform drives down costs, increases sales and enables greater scale. For suppliers, OceanTailer provides a long-term, consistent pipeline of sales. With such advantages, OceanTailer expects it will become a market leader in fragmented wholesale distribution market place.

Location: 24 Garwood Rd, Fairlawn, NJ, 07410, US

Contact info: Email:  accounts@oceantailer.com, Phone: 862.203.8249, 619.272.9522, Website: http://shop.oceantailer.com

Dropshipping Application page: http://www.oceantailer.com/buyer_register.php