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Description of this dropshipper:Premium quality storable foods and supplies. Ensuring that you have the ability to cook your food in an emergency, or during a power outage is critical. Offgrid Outpost, an online retailer of storable foods and other emergency and survival supplies, is now offering cooking kits manufactured by Legacy Premium as part of its survival gear product selection at its online storefront Millions of people each year find themselves off-grid, whether they expect it or not. For example, in October 2011, a snowstorm along the East Coast of the USA caused over two million power outages. Some residents of Connecticut and western Massachusetts were without electricity for over seven days (source: WIKI). The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) suggests that you store at least a two-week supply of food and drinking water for emergencies. FEMA also recommends that you consider having a cooking method that does not require the grid to be functioning, such as a fireplace, wood-burning stove, or some type of portable stove. In addition to food, there are several vital supplies needed should you find yourself off-grid due to severe weather, electrical outages or economic hardship. Dylan Hunt, CEO of Offgrid Outpost, elaborates, “Many people prepare for emergencies by stock-piling their pantries but often forget that once you go off-the-grid during a power outage, there’s no way to heat up or cook your food. Emergency situations are already stressful, so don’t add not having a way to cook your stored food to your list of worries.” Offgrid Outpost now offers to its customers Legacy Premium cooking kits, complete with firebox stove, waterproof 30-minute fuel disks and waterproof matches. Legacy Premium is a health conscious manufacturer producing lead-free and BPA-free products.

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