Description of this dropshipper:  They are glad to be your primary source for your Italian epicurean indulgences. In 2004 They set out to bring you the finest olive oils  and aged balsamic vinegars from various regions of Italy and now, several years later, They are proud to offer you this and much, much more. It is their mission to offer you everything from the most essential to the most hard-to-find gourmet products to have you eating like an Italian. They are die-hard  gourmands, dedicated home cooks, olive oil sommeliers and certifiable buona forchettas (“good forks”, or people who love to eat) who strive to provide their  customers with products which They ourselves incorporate into their fine-palate diets.

Olive oil is the cornerstone of Italian cooking. So it was only a natural evolution of their company to expand the range of products available to their customers so that all the other wonderful ingredients could be offered to them as Theyll. They started by adding Italian olives, which are now amongst their bestsellers. They then added another “must” of Italian cuisine – Parmigiano Reggiano. From there, their product range grew exponentially and continues to grow.

Location:P.O. Box 5325 – Beverly Hills CA 90209

Contact info: 

Email: info@olioandolive.com

Phone: 877-556-5483 (Toll Free) Monday-Friday 10am to 5pm (PST)

Mail: Olio&Olive U.S. – P.O. Box 5325 – Beverly Hills CA 90209


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