Polar Lighting Co.

Description of this dropshipperOur companies have a simple but affective drop ship program that gives our customer the option to sale and drop ship our items to their customers with-out having to stock any of the merchandise.

It’s simple. Just pick out the items that you would like to sell. Put it on your site or if you’re a retailer just let your customer know that you can have this item ship to them. We do require that you have to have an online store or you must be a retailer. There are no minimum on drop ship order. There is a drop Ship fee from $5.00 to $10.00 pre destination. That’s not including the freight charge.

Location: 209 Erie St., Pomona, CA, 91768, US

Contact info: Email: info@polarlighting.net, Phone: (909) 455-0395, Fax, (909) 455-0403, Website: http://www.polarlighting.b2bparadise.com/index.jsp

Dropshipping Application page: info@polarlighting.net or http://polarlighting.b2bparadise.com/link.jsp?id=995