Product Sourcing

Description of this dropshipper:  Product Sourcing offers a good merchandise selection, including electronics, entertainment and beauty products. This dropshipping company has eBay and Amazon data export features and low inventory notification, which are convenient tools not every dropshipper offers. The export features are user-friendly. You can export product descriptions, but you still have to copy and paste images, which takes extra time, especially if you have to resize the images. If you want to list multiple items, this is an annoyance. Many lower-priced services offer photo exporting.

The website offers free membership, but non-paying members don’t receive access to the entire product catalog or any inventory management features. In fact, the product selection is so small with the free product site that it is not worth using. You have to upgrade to a paid membership to have access to the site’s true benefits. The fees with this dropshipper are high, but the company does not charge any dropshipping fees per order or restocking fees, which is a bonus.


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