Pure Mobile

Website: http://www.puremobile.com

Primary Contact: Email : sales@puremobile.com
Phone : 1-800-507-8819

Order Info: Do they just order through their account or do you have order API, phone, email, fax options?

Pricing: Wholesale + Monthly Account Fee
Note: While this supplier does not have a per item or per order fee, they do have a $99 Account Fee paid by you to Pure Mobile as an approved reseller in their program for having an active account. However, the fee is waved by Pure Mobile during the first month of active service. Also, this fee is charged at the beginning of each month, and it is returned based on your sales volume. If you have sales over just $500 total in that current month then the full $99 is returned to your payment method on file with Pure Mobile. While most suppliers have no account fee, this process can still work for you as there is no per item or per order fee being applied. The $500 in gross sales can easily be reached with just a few product sales of the higher dollar items, or with a still small volume of the other accessories in their program.

Account Creation: You can register initially as a user on their site here: https://www.puremobile.com/customer/account/create/
Once you have the initial account you can complete the wholesale dropship application here: http://www.puremobile.com/wholesale-dropshipping

Policies: Wholesale Dropship Program Details- http://www.puremobile.com/puremobile-pages/wholesale-rules
Note: This suppliers requires new reseller applications to have at least 2 years of active ecommerce sales. This program is not a fit for new resellers, and is why they ask for previous mobile accessory sales experience. If you are not currently selling over a few hundred per month you would want to select a different source for your items, but if you have a track record which is at or well over this minimum sales volume requirement then it could still be a good fit for you.
You will want your initial account to be changed to the Dropship status once approved.