The 8 Best Cute Nails For Little Girls

Looking for the best ideas for cute nails for little girls? Look no further, we’ve scoured the internet for the best resources for nail stickers, kids nail polish and books of nail art ideas for you to try with your little princess.

Nail stickers

There are tons of ideas for cute nails for little girls that involve fancy tools and a lot of patience and a little bit of talent to look good! If you’re looking for an idea that’s a lot simpler but with the same wow factor, then try one of these nail sticker sheets. Simply paint their nails their favorite color and then let them choose nail stickers for decoration, covering with a top coat for durability.

Nail Stickers for Little Girls

This fun set is easy to use and gets great reviews. With a total of 12 sheets of self-adhesive nail stickers your little diva will have plenty of options and a lot of use from this nail sticker set for cute nails for little girls. Nail stickers can tear easily so get a sharp pair of tweezers to help you remove the stickers from the sheet and to apply to the nail. We love the fruits, flowers and hearts in this set!

Unicorn Nail Stickers

If your daughter is in love with all things magic, sparkles and unicorns we recommend this set of unicorn-themed nail stickers. This design is also self-adhesive and easy to use and apply with a set of sharp tweezers. With a total of 10 sheets in total you’ll love how each sheet is a different style of unicorn theme for fun and variety.

Nail Stickers for your Toddlers to your Teens

If you have girls in several ages then this might be the perfect nail sticker set for you. Not only will you get the daisies and butterflies to create cute nails for little girls, you’ll also get plenty of trendy designs for your older daughters. Little girls who want to do their nails just like a big sister will love being able to match and you’ll love the sister bonding time they enjoy by doing their nails together!

Nail Art Books for Cute Nails for Little Girls

If you’re the creative type and want to try something more challenging — but still doable!– a nail art book geared at kids is the perfect solution. Not only are the designs little girl approved styles of bumblebees, balloons and bears, but they are simple enough to paint on teeny nails. The 56-page book is filled with full-color, step-by-step instructions and comes with 6 practice bottles of water-based polish. The practice bottles are also peel-off so your little one can even practice the designs on your nails with no worries.
Geared towards the tween crowd, this metallic nail kit still has plenty of designs your little girl will enjoy. This is the perfect choice for the little divas who love glitter and glam on their nails. The book includes metallic nail polish, a 2-sided tool to make designs even easier as well as a sheet of bonus foil decals. You and your daughter can create more than 30 different nail art designs like mermaids, watermelon and unicorns for super cute nails for little girls.

Nail Polish Sets That Have It All

Disney Princess Nail Art Set

If you’d rather not have your little one digging through your stash of Bernadette Thompson nail polish, then a nail polish kit for little girls is the perfect solution. This Disney princess kit is geared at your princess-loving cutie and includes helpful quick drying nail polish. Both non-toxic and water-based, the nail polish is safe enough for your daughter to try her hand at painting her own nails. The kit includes multiple shades of nail polish, nail gems and an instruction book of ideas.

L.O.L. Surprise Confetti Nail Art

For the little girls who prefer some shimmer and shine this L.O.L. doll nail kit is a great option. Not only will your little girl enjoy glitter covered nails, but she gets to create her own nail polish as well. Each bottle is a clear base nail polish with glitter and confetti she can mix into the bottle to create custom mixes for one-of-a-kind nail polish. The kit also includes nail tattoos, glitter and gemstones. This kit is sure to be a favorite for cute nails for little girls.

Playtime by Eimmie Ultimate Nail Glam Boutique

If your little girl sees you giving yourself a manicure, odds are good, she’ll want to join in the fun. This play set lets her feel like a big girl just like mom with everything from nail polish to the nail dryer. Also included are glitter, gems and stickers for more creative fun, all packaged in a cute and sturdy manicure case.

Best Ideas for Cute Nails for Little Girls — No Special Supplies Needed!

If you already have quite the nail polish collection then no need to purchase more supplies, there are plenty of cute ideas for little girls that are simple and fun.

  • Paint each nail a different color. Little girls love to pick 5-10 different colors and have rainbow-inspired nails when they are done.
  • Do a mother-daughter nail painting session and choose the same paint colors for each of you. Add a little fancy by doing one special nail in glitter or with a nail sticker. Your daughter will love matching mom.
  • Use a toothpick to paint designs on top of a base coat. Simple polka dots or flowers will make your little girl feel extra fancy.