The Black Tai Salt Company

Description of this dropshipper: The Black Tai Salt Company is a premiere Himalayan Salt import company. Based in the United States, we are positioned to provide you with all your salt needs, at cost competitive prices. With well over 300 different shapes and sizes we have all the products you require and more! The Black Tai Salt Company offers a wide range of products. Our most popular include : Bath Salts, Body Scrubs, Dead Sea Soaps, Dead Sea Mud Masks, Creams, Anti-Wrinkle Lotions, Salt Lamps, and Candle Holders. The Black Tai Salt Company operates a subsidiary called Black Tai|CONNECT which has the most exceptional minds working for you. We make it possible to rebuild your brand, create a new brand, and allow your brand to grow. Through a intricate web of manufacturers, distributors, national chain stores, as well as packaging companies, graphic artists, and product R&D specialists, we work for you! From Label to Store, shelf, and everything in between.

LocationP O Box 1011

Township of Washington NJ 07676 US

Contact info:  P O Box 1011

Township of Washington NJ 07676 US


Phone: 424-354-3241, 818-350-BTSC

Fax: (201) 444-5841

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