The Kewl Shop

Description of this dropshipper: 

The Kewl Shop is a dream come true. Started in late 2012 they have quickly grown to become one of the top 150K web sites in the world (Alexa). Founded by Charles and made into a viable business by Sasi, (two names I’m sure you have gotten to know well if you are a friend of The Kewl Shop) their focus has narrowed into the supply of top quality bandage dresses, shoes and leggings – areas of immense competition in the online world!

The journey so far has been exciting but tough. A few things have become clear to us, and these are now the principles that they live and die by. Always supply the best quality, at the most reasonable price and with the quickest speed, then stand by your products by providing one of the most liberal return policies on the web and exceptional 24/7-customer service. And that’s exactly what they do.


The Kewl Shop

1321 Upland Drive


Houston TX 77043

United States

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Telephone: 1 (646) 741-2249


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