Using a Restoration Service & Water Damage in Your House

Each day 14,000 Americans face damage to their home due to water problems. Between broken pipes, leaky windows, bad roofs and malfunctioning appliances the scope of the damage can vary greatly, but either way it means a big, soggy, potentially moldy, mess.

If you are dealing with water damage to your home and are wondering about selling a house with water damage or considering using a restoration service to help with the problem, read on for some options to consider.

Common Sources of Water Damage

There are two main categories of water damage. The first is plumbing or appliance problems. Less common, but just as damaging is weather-related such as rain, snow or burst pipes from a freeze. With 98% of basements experiencing water damage in their lifetime, it’s a problem you’re likely to experience during home ownership.

Type of Water Damage

The possibility of selling a house with water damage depends in part on what type of water damage you’re dealing with. There are three categories of water that can harm your home:

  • Category 1: White Water
    This type of problem can still cause a lot of damage but is generally easier to address because the problem stems from a hygienic source like a broken pipe, rainwater or melting snow.
  • Category 2: Gray Water
    This type of damage can be more costly and happens when the water damaging your home has been exposed to contaminants. This could mean bath water or a leaking washing machine or dishwasher.
  • Category 3: Black Water
    The most expensive and potentially dangerous, this type of water damage may contain pathogenic or toxic contaminants from sewage. This happens from toilet backflows and sea, river or lake water.

Keep in mind that within days, clean or even gray water can turn into black water by becoming toxic by what it come in contact with so it’s crucial that homeowners take quick action when water damage is spotted. Quick action is the key when faced with water damage, to prevent toxicity, mold and irreparable damage.

How Bad Is It?

Determining if you can sell your house with water damage also depends on how extensive the damage is. The Institute of International Cleaning and Restoration Certification has determined 4 classes of water damage:

  • Class 1: Minimal amount of water to a mostly non-porous area (i.e. tile floors). It’s easy to remove the moisture and it can dry out.
  • Class 2: Significant amount of water. Areas with carpet or other medium to high porous materials got wet.
  • Class 3: A great amount of water absorption. This includes carpet, wall and ceiling boards.
  • Class 4: Most damaging with the majority of moisture trapped in the building materials. This level may require long drying times, specialized methods or new construction.

Challenges of Selling a House with Water Damage

The severity of the water damage will determine how likely it will be to able to sell your home as-is. These are some factors to consider as the seller and a potential house buyer:

Less Money

Any type of home facing damage is going to be looking at a lower selling price. Because you are selling a home as-is you are putting the risk and cost of the water damage in the hands of the new owners and they will expect a lower selling price to offset that liability. This is an option if the water damage isn’t too extensive or if you have no cash to pay to repair the home before selling.

Possibility of Electrical Damage

When water leaks through a roof in particular you are looking at a potential for electricity issues to crop up. This added potential for issues in the home is another reason why it could be more challenging to attract buyers to a home with water damage.

Possibility of Health Concerns

Water problems can quickly turn into mold problems. Within days of a water leak fungi and mold and musty odors can become present. Mold can trigger allergies and health issues from the microbial organisms.

Possibility of Future Damage

If you are living in a flood zone or you have a pipe or appliance problem that hasn’t been properly addressed then there is always a potential for future damage. Knowing a home has water damage will cause any potential home buyer to be more cautious considering that those problems could occur again.

Using a Home Restoration Service

If you have the cash to put towards using a home restoration service then you’ll have the peace of mind that the problem is addressed properly and that peace of mind will transfer to potential house buyers as well.

A home restoration service can provide 24/7 emergency response so you can address the problem in that small window of time before it has a chance to do more damage. These types of companies often offer free damage estimates and are willing to work with your homeowners insurance. They are prepared to deal with the water extraction, removal, cleanup and even damage repair so all the in’s and out’s of the problem will be addressed by a professional. A home restoration service is a quick and efficient solution to dealing with a water problem, especially if you are hoping to put your home on the market.

Selling to a House Buying Company

If you aren’t having any luck selling your home to a traditional buyer or you don’t have the funds to repair your home before selling you could consider selling to a house buying company. House buying companies like Gary Buys Houses are used to dealing with homes in less-than optimal condition and will make a fair cash offer on your home as-is. Working with a house buying company allows you to sell your home without the time, stress and cash needed to make the repairs yourself.