X-treme Scooters

Description of this dropshipperOnline sellers can sign up for our drop shipping program, then we will ship each scooter, electric bicycle and or parts directly to your customer as you send the orders to us daily. Online dealers must follow our MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) guidelines by not selling below the set minimums.
If you are interested in becoming a dealer you should email us today by filling out our form below. We will then email you out a dealer info package that will include all price breaks and terms. We do not sell single scooters unless we are selling samples or drop shipping. We warranty everything we sell to you or your customer, including the batteries.

Can you drop ship electric scooters and bicycles for my online business directly to my customers?
We specialize in drop shipping scooters and bicycles. If you have an online business (web site) even if it is non scooter related, and you would like to offer our gas scooters, electric scooters, electric bicycles, and even our scooter parts on your web site for sale and have us ship the items directly to your customer without you ever touching the item, fill out the form below & we will then e-mail you back our dealer information and help get your business signed up quickly. We handle all warranties, technical support and issues that your customers might have in the future, all you do is make the sale and then enter in your orders to us in our online system that will give you the massive price discounts others cannot see.

Location: Tacoma, WA 98409

Contact info: Speak with the parts manager: 1-253-777-0690

Dropshipping Application pagehttp://www.x-tremescooters.com/services/become_dealer.html